Thursday, December 2, 2010

Life Is Short, But It’s W-I-D-E!

Time is not yet done with us, even as we reach our last of years. What we saw and felt then is still a part of our incompleteness and is present in our choices at this very moment.

Now, in the increased urgency of the time remaining, we still have the opportunity to achieve more completeness in our lives, in our value to ourselves and to those around us. It is important to realize that yes, our time of life is becoming short, but our saving grace is that time is also wide. As quantum physics has shown, time is of many dimensions, and even though time ticks on, we live, the universe lives, in a room that is so wide that it has no edges.

We still have time to experience many pleasures, many new friends and to experience new moments when our presence, our energy, our compassion, can make a real difference in our own aging existence and in those our lives touch.

We only need to be aware of this expansive sense of time and our own unlimited selves, then act on this new ability to do more, become more, than we ever were able to do when we were younger.

We live in opportunity. We live in possibilities. We live within greater potential that we still have, but have not yet discovered its quality hidden within us. Now is the time to find it, examine it, and make it happen, because we now have the leisure to become still, to go within, to meditate upon our wonderful potential, to take long walks and really look around us, and see all of those who are in even more need and despair then ourselves.

What can we do for ourselves, and for at least one or two others, right now? How can we find ways to make a difference in their lives, and our own life, right now? In this minute, in this day, we have the potential to transform our own life by using the experience, the talents and insights we have acquired over our long years, to invent and execute new efforts to improve and ease our lives and the lives of others.

I’m not asking myself, or you, to change the world. But maybe, in a small way, my words can change you, even a little bit. You can then change others in the same way. We can widen our lives, and find new feelings of worth and joy.

Pass these feelings on, for a more compassionately inclusive, and better, world. We’re still here. It is finally, definitely now. Lets explore this new now. Isn’t it w – i – d – e ?

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