Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Future Stories

I find my life rich in stories, and I want to give them away. They are seeds from the ripened fruits of my experience, even as that fruit, mature and full of flavors, is consumed by the inevitable march of time. But the little hard-shelled seeds of that rich experience are relevant and resourceful, waiting for another’s random harvest.

* Are You As Frightened As I Am?
* Aging: Is The Glass Almost Empty Or Half Full?
* How Not To Become Invisible
* Learning To Love Yourself Again
* Whom Do You Trust Under 60?
* It’s OK To Be “At The End Of An Era”
* Is There Sex After 60?
* Losing Your Memory Does Not Mean Losing Your Mind
* The Revolt Of The Old Farts
* Finding A Final Philosophy
* The Tragedy Of Fathers And Sons
* Finding Work After Your Job Is Over
* Learning To Love Again After “The Love Of Your Life” Is Gone
* The Manly Art Of Caregiving
* Caring For The One You Love
* In Defense of Nursing Homes
* The Fine Art Of Dying At Home

(And How About Your Stories? We Can Learn From Each Other!)


Lasting Legacies said...

I look forward to reading your new blog, Richard. What a great list of titles for topics you plan to write about!

I plan to add a link from my blog to yours (so my readers can get the benefit of your wisdom!)


The blogger at:

Richard said...

Thanks, Todd. I'll get the hang of it eventually.